Welcome to Shenzhen Shenchuang Hi-Tech Electronics Co.,Ltd

About Us

Company Culture

Today we gather SCGK to do pioneering business ! Perhaps it will be very hard ,wind and rain is changing, but the opportunity is unlimited.

We thank every people, exercise restraint for ourselves, try our best to do everything, cherish everything; We unite and integrate, never abandon, never give up, create miracles!

Welcome to our teahouse

These culture implements are symbols of welcome for visitors. Our office like a family, a visitor to a SCGK home will be expected to sit down and drink tea while talking. Hope to create value for customers; create brilliant with our team.



We are a family, we are a school, we are an army; We have self-respect and perfect personality; we help each other and pursue excellence.

Development Goals


Become a public company which has the best service ,the largest scale and continuous reformation in the power field of the world.

Business Philosophy


Create the world green, top quality power supply products; serve and create value for customers; create brilliant with staff.

Core values


You ok, we ok, everybody ok

Our Spirit


To adhere to in the end, never give up!

Remuneration Philosophy


Basic salary, high commission, high bonus; employees rich, companies rich, staff strong and company strong.

Our Talent


To attract talent by development and career, to train people by work, to assess them by results.

Selection Criteria


Employers do not suspect, don't use the suspect.